Over the years, with the support of a talented group of architects, renderers and administrative staff, we’ve created an extensive body of work across the country and beyond. Today, the firm is led by a talented executive committee of Partners and Principals, who, alongside Mark and Oscar and every member of our team, are dedicated to continuing the endeavor to create residences with integrity and character that contribute to the architectural fabric of the place in which they stand.

Every renovated and new residence we design respects the place in which it is built. Our portfolio of city apartments, family houses and country estates, expresses a deep appreciation for classical styles, regional character, and the personal taste of each client. The diversity of location, scale, and architectural type of our projects reflects our ability to satisfy the needs and wants of our clients in a variety of contexts and conditions.

Though each project we undertake is different — unique to those who will live there — the common thread that runs through them all is our commitment to craftsmanship and artistic integrity, an understanding of historic precedent, and the implementation of the latest innovations in design and building. We design residences, not only for our clients to enjoy today, but to endure for generations to come.

Our Founding Partners, Mark and Oscar, established Ferguson & Shamamian Architects in 1988 after working together at the legendary decorating firm Parish-Hadley. As young architects versed in the eclectic language of residential interiors and committed to the art of harmonizing the old with the new, their goal was to offer a new vision of traditional American architecture adapted to the changing needs of modern life.

Dedication to excellence and service to clients is at the core of our practice. We begin every project in partnership with our clients; interpreting their individual needs and dreams, and allowing their character and lifestyle to inform the greater architectural idea.

Our strong commitment to artistic integrity and our holistic vision of design has led to longstanding relationships with many of the country’s top interior designers, landscape architects, artisans and builders. Collaboration is also crucial to our internal process. Working with small teams within our office encourages creativity, allows us to be focused and flexible, and ensures a thorough consideration of every design and the highest level of quality control.